About Us

With over 40 years of experience, DC Sales has become not only one of the longest-standing and most dependable, but also one of the most respected manufacturers' representatives in the U.S. We are a well-diversified professional company that delivers expert knowledge, along with the ability to communicate any and all needs between wholesale distributors and factories.

In business since 1976, DC Sales Company has much to be proud of: the stability to adapt to market changes, the strength to broaden our account base every year, and the commitment to provide quality service to both the manufacturers and the distributors. Our solid business principles have allowed us to weather the ups and downs of the economy and the markets in which we participate.

Above all, DC Sales is a service-oriented sales organization. We are the sum of our inside and outside sales personnel, as well as each manufacturer and each customer. We value and utilize a team concept, made up of diverse individuals with one common goal of developing the best solutions for all parties. The team approach creates steady market penetration for our manufacturing partners as new ideas and strategies can be developed that not only keep us ahead of competition, but also help us to provide ever-improving service to our customers.

Integrity is a cornerstone of the way in which we operate; it is not just a policy or strategy, but instead our method of conducting business at all times. This method consistently evokes professional and strong business relationships.

In Loving Memory, We Would Like to Pay Tribute to Dan Childers

Dan Childers passed away in August of 2016. He was a cherished part of our team and a beloved husband, father, brother, and friend. Please help us in remembering him by working hard and enjoying each day to its fullest. Thank you.